Jennifer FerreiraWelcome to my blog, a Geographer’s kitchen, a place for where I will be sharing some of the recipes that I use.

My friends know that I have always like baking, but I have not always been as adventurous with other types of cooking. This has really changed over the last few years, and certainly over the last couple of years cooking and baking has been really therapeutic and a chance to step away from the daily stresses of work life.

A couple of years ago I set myself the challenge of cooking a new recipe at least every two weeks as a way to try and get out of the habit of cooking familiar dishes. This definitely worked and now I find I am actually trying several new recipes every week. Those of my friends that have known me for sometime will know this is quite a transformation….when I started university many years ago I had not eaten pizza, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican food,  or really any type of food with significant flavour – sometimes I look back and wonder what on earth I used to eat.

I decided on the title for the blog not only because of my day job and research interests but because it is learning about different food and ingredients from around the world that has inspired my activities in the kitchen.I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit and in doing so I have come across some amazing places to eat, some amazing markets, and been introduced to a whole range of different types of food (like the Japanese Ramen below eaten at a little basement restaurant in Tokyo).

Japanese Ramen

The main motivation to start this blog was that I have been collecting and creating recipes for some time and despite my efforts to organise them the result is usually something like what you can see below.

Recipe organiserThis blog will over time, become a repository of the recipes I use, with influences from different countries around the world. While the idea for this blog was to create a repository of recipes to make life easier for myself I hope that others may also find some of the recipes useful.


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